Boltless Pallet RackThe new SK2000 boltless pallet rack has a plethora of advantages and benefits. See what Steel King and Rack Express have teamed up to offer.

For years, boltless pallet racks have been popular, due to quick assembly without tools, and a low purchase price. However, many users have found that the open-back roll formed columns do not withstand the inevitable fork truck impacts, thus any initial savings are more than offset by high maintenance and replacement costs. Steel King Industries has developed an industrial storage rack design which retains the benefits of a boltless pallet rack, while offering substantially more durability with the Column Core safety feature; the SK2000® Boltless Pallet Rack series. SK2000® retains the industry standard “tear-drop” connection, and is in fact interchangeable with the majority of industrial storage rack systems in use today. However, a closed tubular column shape is utilized. Independent engineering tests have confirmed that SK2000® is:

•250% more frontal impact strength than a comparable open back column.
•44 times more torsional strength (resistance to twisting)
•68% more side impact resistance
•Three rivet connection with 26% greater strength than two rivets
•High strength closed tubes for frame braces and step beams
•Powder Coat Finish – 12 Standard Colors

Because of these benefits, not only are many buyers of new warehouse racks opting for the new tubular design, but many users of existing open back (roll formed) boltless rack are now replacing their damaged upright frames with new SK2000 boltless frames. Because SK2000 rack uses the same “tear drop” connection, these users are able to accomplish this upgrade while reusing their existing load beams, decreasing their cost. To make your SK2000 even stronger, Steel King has optional damage protection available with Column Core, making your SK2000 Boltless Pallet Rack five times more impact resistant at the front corners and sides where the upright is most vulnerable.

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