Warehouse Inspection Service

Keep your business running as smoothly as possible by running consistent warehouse inspections.* We help you streamline your business and avoid possible compliance issues with inspections and legal monitoring.

Avoid expensive problems like forklift accidents, collisions, dropped or misplaced loads and other incidents that result from or in rack damage. These issues can be avoidable with proactive warehouse inspections that look at hazards like rack damage, overloading pallets, damaged uprights and more.

Our knowledgeable and trained experts help you inspect your warehouse with OSHA regulations in mind. We aren’t just concerned about existing or potential rack damage, we work with you to create a safe workplace for your personnel and labor force, especially when there is a high level of activity in your warehouse. Warehouse inspections can keep workers safe by preventing accidents caused by damaged warehouse rack and shelving.

A warehouse inspection consists of thoroughly checking aisles; are aisled marked? Are beams labeled? Are work areas clean? Are floors free of obstruction? Are load capacities being adhered to? It also consists of checking stairs, exits, ladders, air emissions, postings, work environment, material handling (are aisle ways designated? Are containers stored, stacked, blocked and limited in height so they are stable and secure? Etc.) fire protection, and personal protective equipment.

Upon inspection, we can also help you with rack repair for damaged uprights or rack replacement for uprights that cannot be repaired.

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*Inspections are not certified. Rack Express does not certify racks for load capacities.