Industrial Shelving Repair

Need a quick, safe and economic solution for damaged racks?  We repair pallet rack on-site with minimal disruption of operations.  We provide repair solutions based on the specific damage to your warehouse racks. Our solutions are the product of engineering, testing, and real-world applications that deliver safe, effective and long-term performance for your warehouse.

Pallet rack repair is needed in most warehouses and distribution centers due to pallet rack damage from the impact of forklifts and reach-trucks. This pallet rack damage usually occurs at lower levels, leaving most of the upright structurally sound.

We walk through your warehouse with you to determine the locations and level of damage to your warehouse racks so we can repair your pallet racks effectively and safely. In addition to identifying damaged areas, we help you identify potential signs of damage and at-risk conditions. Our professional evaluation of your pallet rack damage starts with a thorough survey – a critical step in the rack repair process. We will identify and note visible pallet rack damage and its severity.

After a complete survey, we provide you with a detailed summary of rack damage, damage locations and what we propose are effective solutions for correct rack repair. After we walk you through the damage, repair process and quote, we work closely with you to answer any questions you may have before we move onto the installation process.

During installation, our trained rack repair experts use specialized rack repair equipment to repair damage areas. We remove the damaged component, repair with our proposed solution and re-anchor the new frame column with little to no disturbance to your business operations. Our pallet rack repair option can cut out the damaged areas of the rack and add a cost-efficient sleeve and new post for a more impact resilient solution. In most instances, there is no need to unload the pallet rack.

Rack Express offers an extensive program of rack repair solutions. Contact us today to keep your business running as safely as possible with help from our trained professionals at Rack Express.