Steel King Drive In Pallet Rack
Steel King Drive In Pallet Rack
Steel King Drive In Pallet Rack

Drive In Pallet Rack

Drive-in pallet racks are the perfect choice for those looking for a cost-effective and high-density storage solution. Although they offer greater storage density, they offer less selectivity, but are still an excellent solution for items that have longer shelf-life and don’t require immediate access.

With a drive-in pallet rack design, a fork lift enters the rack from one side to pick up or pull out pallets, which slide backwards on a continuous rail. Forklifts have to drive into the rack to access pallets two or more deep. (A drive-in rack will be closed on one end of the rack, while drive-thru rack will allow the forklift operator to quite literally drive through the entire racking system.) Pallets are stored back-to-back, which allows for incredibly dense storage. Although selectivity may be compromised, it does require fewer aisles and is better cubic storage. Because it requires fewer aisles, drive-in pallet racks allow you to store up to 75% more pallets than selective racking.

Drive-in pallet racks are best for cooler or freezing storage applications because of the high-storage density. For example, you can store as many pallets as possible in as little expensive freezer space as possible. This storage system solution is also best when you have a large amount of similar items that can be stored in a single pallet position—this makes last in, first out access possible.

Rack Express offers a wide variety of storage and safety options and pallet rack accessories so you can optimize your warehouse capacity. We offer drive-in pallet racks in various options and brands so you can easily find the best system to suit your storage needs.

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