How to Choose a Pallet Jack

Three questions to ask when choosing a Pallet Jack

According to, a man of average size who weight trains somewhat regularly can deadlift roughly 290 pounds. Considering that a single empty wooden pallet can weigh as much as 70 lbs, and many are stacked several feet high, transporting pallets without the help of machinery would cost your business a fortune in manual labor fees.


Given their size, weight and necessity, it’s no wonder the pallet jack has long served as a must-have for most warehouses. Also known as a pallet truck, pump truck, or jigger, the usefulness of these workhorses is irrefutable; however, investing in one could mean parting with hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


If you’re looking to build in money for a new pallet jack this fiscal year, here a three key considerations to keep in mind before making your selection.


What are you going to be moving?

The first step is to determine what kind of product you’ll primarily be moving.


For instance, will you require a freeze resistant pallet truck, a corrosion resistant truck, or a spark resistant pallet truck?


Perhaps not surprisingly, frozen food will require a different type of machinery than that of sensitive chemicals or highly flammable material.


This is especially important for industries like pharmaceutical and medical who may be frequently transporting within corrosive or wet environments. You’ll want to make sure your pallet jack is up to the challenge and can hold their own in harsh environments.


What’s your budget?

Next you’ll need to determine some rough estimate of a budget. Are you in need of an economical used or manual pallet truck, or is an electric jigger the way to go?

ECO Pallet Jack ECO Pallet Jack


Benefits of a used pallet jack include maneuverability in a very cost effective way. With used pallet jacks you are generally saving up to 50% off the cost of newer model.




Mobile Super MINEY Pallet Jack Mobile Super MINEY Pallet Jack


By contrast, a new manual pallet jack offers a hand powered option in what are still generally some of the most economical options available.





Mobile Self-Propelled Pallet Jack Mobile Self-Propelled Pallet Jack


For your heaviest loads, a new electric pallet jacks can be the way to go. Powered by motors, they are the best way to maintain control and are ideal for easy lifting and transporting.




What kind of space do you have?


You’ll also want to take detailed notes about what kind of environment and level of clearance you have to work within.


Start by measuring the outer pallet stringers. We recommend going from inside to inside. When selecting pallet trucks, make sure either side of the forks leave you with a 1” minimum.


Then, assuming all your pallets are the same size, simply calculate the stringer length and choose a pallet truck with a fork of the same measurement. If pallets come in various sizes always keep your longest pallet in mind when selecting the fork length. You don’t want to be left with one lone pallet that was simply too long to fit on the truck.


If your ceilings and clearance levels are tight, pallet trucks come with fork heights that are a mere 2” off the ground. After all, all you really need to do is get it off the ground in order to move it!


Narrow aisles and longer loads may seem like a disaster waiting to happen, however, there are specially made designs such as the Sidewinder Pallet Jack, complete with features such as a rotatable handle and double set of right/left rollers to help you get to and fro safely, without accounting for damaged material in your profit margins.


Have an especially rugged surface you need to traverse? All Terrain Pallet Jacks have dramatically increased in popularity, especially among landscaping companies who frequently find themselves up against skids of outdoor intended material like sod.


In the end, any pallet jack sourced from us or our partners are obviously the product of state of the art production, stringent quality control, and dependability. But before we can sell you on our competitive pricing we have to know what you’re in the market for.


If you’re ready to give your arms and your budget a break, contact us and let us help you select the pallet jack that’s right for your business.