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Adding Seven New Sales Partners to the Material Handling Division

St. Louis, MO—(June 1, 2015) Indoff is pleased to announce the addition of the Rack Express sales team with multiple offices in Texas. Effective June 1st, these material handling experts along with the Rack Express brand and website will become a division of Indoff. “Adding Rack Express to our corner, Indoff’s material handling group gains seven quality Sales Partners and significantly increases our material handling presence in the state of Texas,” said Jim Malkus, CEO of Indoff.


North Shore Supply Company (NSSCO) in Houston, TX, is the parent corporation for Rack Express. Malkus stated, “In March, Rack Express contacted us to see if we were interested in hiring the sales team as their business plans changed to wholesale operations. In discussions with North Shore management, we determined that there was a strong match in culture and focus between the Rack Express team and our Indoff Sales Partner program.” NSSCO will continue to operate a division of the company as a wholesaler to dealers only in the material handling industry as North American Wholesale Logistics (NAWL) at www.nawlusa.com.


“For the Rack Express sales team and their customers it will be business as usual. Beginning in June, these new Indoff Partners will operate under the same Rack Express umbrella as before with even more products and solutions. We’re very excited about the launch,” said Malkus.


Indoff has been in the material handling business since inception in 1971. They initiated the Partner Program in 1991 allowing sales associates to work from their own locations in an entrepreneurial approach. The success of the Partner Program now consists of a nationwide network of over 400 sales representatives who combine their knowledge and expertise with administrative, financial and technological support to provide excellent service along with a wide array of product solutions at competitive pricing.


About Indoff

Founded in 1971, Indoff is a $130M sales and distribution organization that supports over 400 sales partners backed by administrative and technical expertise to drive complete customer satisfaction. Divisions include material handling, commercial interiors, business and promotional products, commercial printing, appliances and energy solutions and more. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Indoff is a recognized brand in providing high quality service and business products. To learn more, visit https://www.indoff.com/ .