So you have concluded you need to install pallet rack in your facility. How do you know what kind of pallet rack to put in? What size beams should you get? How tall should your uprights be? Here is a brief overview and 3 critical steps to help you set up your pallet rack system:

1. Measure your load

– What size pallets will you be using? Measure the width and depth to determine your pallet size.
– How heavy is your product? Note the weight of your pallets.

2. Determine the size of your pallet rack uprights and beams

– Choose an appropriate beam length
– Determine your necessary capacity. The height of the beam is related the capacity.

– Choose an appropriate upright height and width
– Determine your necessary capacity. In this instance, the size of the upright column establishes the capacity.

3. Conclude your calculations

Based on the sizes and dimensions you have determined from steps 1 and 2 simply add it up.  You should now be ready to install your pallet rack system.