Shipments that are both timely and accurate are the cornerstone of a happy, repeat customer. But it all starts with running an efficient, highly productive warehouse.

Looking for operations tips to improve your warehouse’s productivity? Consider the following.

Optimize warehouse space to maximize your storage

storage capacity warehouse

Setting up vertical storage units to house your inventory is often the best use of a warehouse’s square footage. Before you relocate your warehouse entirely or move to planning a new distribution center, consider building up instead. It can help avoid expansion costs and increase the efficiency of your picking process. Keep smaller items in view and larger items safe from damage, all while fully utilizing the space you already have.

Supply Chain Improvements

Warehouse efficiency begins from the moment inbound purchase orders hit the receiving dock. Start by getting clear with your vendors. Establish policies that mandate delivery timesitem quality, product packaging and labeling, etc. By reducing the risk of mistakes from the beginning, you can immediately begin organizing product from the moment it arrives.

Embrace new technology

Whether you feel drawn to voice technology, a state of the art warehouse management system (WMS) or internet of things IoT technology, digital systems can improve picking methods and overall efficiency. Advancements in mobile technology can also help eliminate mistakes while barcode and radio frequency identification (RFID) readers can greatly improve inventory accuracy.

Systematize workstations

Clutter and efficiency have an inverse relationship. Meaning, the less time employees spend searching for the proper tools they need to complete their job, the better their productivity. Organize workstations to reduce errors and improve your organizational goals.

Continue to evaluate and improve

Without data you’re flying blind. To see how changes impact your overall results, conduct a proper assessment of your most important objectives– and don’t hesitate to hire a professional consultant to help. Once you have a plan in place make sure you continually improve it.

More than anything, an efficient warehouse comes down to having the right storage equipment. Still, with these five simple productivity tips, your warehouse will not only run smoother it will ultimately be more profitable, too.