Product Spotlight: Omni Metalcraft

We offer the widest range of roller styles and sizes in the industry. The available options for our rollers can be configured to fit almost any application in almost any market. From industry standards to one-of-a-kind parts, we have what you need. Rollers are the means by which products are transported in most types of [...]

Product Spotlight: Built Systems

Automated Guided Carts (AGC) The Automated Guided Cart (AGC) is a wireless, self-driving cart that tows backpacks holding up to 12,000 pounds of parts from station to station without direct human interaction. The battery-powered cart runs Ignition, an industrial automation software, and travels on a magnetic tape path on the plant floor. Designed and manufactured [...]

Product Spotlight: Berner Air Curtains

Winery to save $20,000 annually with Berner Air Curtains Background – employees ask for warmer working conditions: Royal Wine, the world’s leading kosher winemaker, began to receive requests from their employees at their processing and distribution centers for warmer shipping areas during the winter months. Sub-freezing days near open shipping doors would require heavy clothing, [...]

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