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Flow Rail Push Back vs Conventional Push Back

The flow rail push back system offers several benefits over conventional push back racking. To begin, Push Back manufacturers typically offer systems that are up to 6 pallets deep. Flow Rail can hold up to 10 pallets.Contrary to Push-Back, Flow-Rail systems are not inclined which reduces overall system height.Sometimes, an entire storage level may be [...]

Push Back Flow Rail vs Drive In Rack

With Flow-Rail, forklift trucks no longer have to circulate in and out of the racking structure as they do in Drive-in systems. For many clients, the time saving is substantial. The risk of damaging racks is also greatly reduced since lift trucks perform all pallet operations in front of the structure, versus inside. Flow-Rail can [...]

Push Back Flow Rail Capacity Chart

As you know the Flow-Rail system is comprised of an aluminum rail, chain and a 50’’ front head piece where pallets are loaded / unloaded. This front head piece is very strong. As a result, regardless of pallet weight the first upright can be up to 48" W. In the event pallets are very heavy [...]

Benefits of Push Back Flow Rail

For high density storage applications, the push back flow rail system is second to none. Not only can this system store up to 10 pallets deep, but it is free of the drawbacks associated with traditional high density solutions including drive-in and conventional push back. Some of the advantages of the flow rail system include: - Can [...]

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