Organizing your warehouse’s tools, assembly pieces, or heavy machine parts is critical to your operation’s efficiency. In fact, modular storage cabinets are to these smaller essentials what a full-scale pallet rack storage system is to your product inventory.

Fortunately, these secure, high-density storage cabinets are also designed with convenience in mind. Though their durable steel makeup means they can hold their own against heavy equipment or in harsh work environments.


From light duty capacity cabinets, ideal for organizing office supplies, to ultra capacity modular, the industrial grade steel means you never have to worry about them sustaining damage. That is if you properly and safely maximize their usage.

Here are seven tips to help you make the most of your modular storage cabinets:

Lock cabinets while in motion

Avoid injury or inventory loss by securing cabinet drawers while in motion. Locking options are plentiful and can safeguard expensive tools against theft. Some of the more popular configurations include keyed lock, padlock or electronic locks.

Prepare for how you’ll move the cabinet

While it’s not uncommon for modular cabinets to come manufactured with a forklift base, in some instances, ordering a custom pallet truck accessible base might make more sense for your warehouse space. If the cabinet is likely to change locales often, adding casters can increase mobility.

Properly secure your cabinets

Tipping is a preventable hazard that can be easily accomplished with the right wall anchors. Advise employees that even when mounted, they should never sit in, stand on or step into an open drawer.

Be mindful with heavy loads

Be it cumbersome tools or bulky machinery, be sure heavy loads are laid out carefully to avoid damaging the steel drawers or frames. Check to see what gage the drawers are so as not to go over the prescribed load capacity.

Make sure loads are evenly distributed

Each drawer has a load capacity, which assumes the contents within are distributed evenly. You can organize the items with a variety of options of drawer partitions and dividers like plastic bins, trays, or tool shaped foam.

Keep drawers closed when not in use

Closed drawers act as a counter balance to open drawers. For this reason it’s essential to only use one at a time and keep the rest shut until you need access. Some cabinets offer a locking security feature to keep the drawer in fully opened or fully closed positions.

Label drawers for proper inventory control

An inexpensive way to keep modular storage cabinets organized is to invest in sticky labels or plastic label holders. It will make selection a breeze and also speed up productivity.

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