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Roller Conveyor

Give your products some inertia. Roller conveyors allow quick transportation of bulk materials and keep your production lines flowing. You can use these roller conveyors to transport small, light and heavy products normally over short distances. This type of conveyor can be defined as small metal tubes, which are placed next to one another and are usually rotated by a mechanism underneath. Roller conveyors are flexible and can transport goods and materials around curves and up or down gentle inclines. The conveyor moves the goods along to their end destination. They can be fitted inside certain types of machines or used in large manufacturing facilities to push objects along.
They can be used as workstations or pick modules and can serve as a portion of your conveyor system from one station to another. You can also use roller conveyors to load packages onto the back of an over-the-road truck or as a takeaway for products coming out of an automated sorter.
Roller conveyors provide you easier and faster transport of products in and around a factory. We can help you configure a conveying system right for you. Contact Rack Express today!