Pallet Rack BeamsThe stories of pallet rack theft seem to pop up quite frequently. We even wrote about one of them here, previously. Why is pallet rack theft so common? Can the used pallet rack industry be trusted?

These are two very legitimate questions. However, as with any used industry, there are going to be some bad apples. This can also be equated to the used car industry. Sure there are people that steal cars, strip the parts, and resell them for high margins, but the vast majority of used car dealerships run legitimate businesses.

The latest pallet rack theft case, comes from Seneca Falls, NY:

“Police arrested 29-year-old Michael Zona on a warrant issued by the Town of Seneca Falls Court.  According to police, they observed Zona’s pick-up truck leaving a fenced in business in Seneca Falls loaded with (pallet rack) beams. When they stopped his vehicle, police discovered that Zona did not own the steel and did not have permission to take the crossbeams or to be on the property.”

Source:  WSYR News